Marketing Strategy Consultation Call


Marketing Strategy Consultation Call


Truth time. The old ways of marketing, especially on online, don’t work. And by old I mean 8 months ago. With ever changing algorithms, a sea of social platforms and the mystery of actually getting found on Google, what is a business owner to do? No worries! I mean it. I live for these marketing challenges. I geek out over analytics, demographics, psychographics, and data. And I get super excited about using it all to help you position your business to be visible online. Want in? I’d love to schedule a 1-hour strategy call with you. Let's get you headed in the right direction for fall. Can’t wait to connect!

Your strategy call includes

  • 1 Hour call or video chat.

  • Review of current online presence.

  • Review of your business goals.

  • Discussion of ideas and strategies to implement for maximum visibility.

  • Answering your marketing questions and helping you think through frustrations.

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