Made for Marketing

As I tried to catch my breath from a quick run up the steps, I hurriedly emptied my pockets. A handful of quarters, nickles and two wrinkled dollar bills to my eight-year-old self felt like a fortune. It didn't cross my mind that my mother would ask what happened to her refrigerator magnets until, well, she asked. I sold them door to door. All of them. I figured she collected so many that she must enjoy them. It made sense to me that others would like them too. Turning over a small percentage of my profit kept me off punishment.

When I think back on that moment, I see it as the day a passion for purposeful marketing manifested in my life. That passion never left. It's been said the average college student will change majors at least twice. But for me, the thought of learning anything else never crossed my mind. Marketing was more than a discipline I wanted to study, it was a calling I needed to answer. The best grades of my entire academic career, going way back in elementary school, came in college. I was finally connecting with an area that allowed me to blend creativity and logical application. I flourished. I didn't have to be the "artistic type" OR the "researcher," I could be both – I could be a marketer.

Ever Expanding Career