Brand Development


Brand Development


Let me remind you of something as a savvy business owner you already know - consistency is critical. From the quality of products and services you offer to how you communicate with your clients, maintaining consistency builds trust with those you're called to serve. The same consistency is vitally important in your branding. You want to make sure you're using consistent font, colors, imagery and design elements across all your digital and print materials. Consistent branding makes your marketing efforts more effective, creates visual recognition for your business and adds a layer of professionalism to your operations. Your brand board is what you, any member of your team or any designer you hire will reference to make sure you stay consistent before any marketing materials are created. If your business is missing this key guide, let's get one created! 

Your custom brand board development

  • Direction on creating your inspiration visuals 

  • Analytics and research on how to choose colors for your industry and target customer 

  • Selection of fonts and typefaces for both web and print collateral 

  • Selection of visual elements like textures, icons and patterns 

  • Logo designer sourcing if needed 

  • A custom done-for-you brand board in .PNG and .PDF files ready to share with designers and teammates 

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