Website Audit


Website Audit


Did you hear the news? As of July 2018, Google is likely telling visitors to your website to log off and/or not enter any information because your site is "not secure." Yikes! (If I built your website don't worry! I've already made extra sure you're secure and covered). Your website is often the "front door" to your business. If people are discouraged from entering, you miss out on potential customers immediately and the trust of returning clients may be lost as well. 60% of internet access happens on Google Chrome! This means your business simply can't afford a website flagged as "not secure." If you're unsure where your website stands in all of this, let's get an audit done ASAP.

Your website audit includes

  • Security status of your website and if possible the necessary security updates.

  • If your site setup won't allow me to make the updates, I'll provide a word for word script to email or call your site developer with.

  • Review of your website design such as page layout, graphic design, colors and reflection of your branding.

  • Review of your website content which includes the “copy,” also known as the text, any value offerings/resources, forms, photos and videos that are visible to the site visitor.

  • Review of the functionality of your site including how well links, buttons, videos and media perform

  • A downloadable / printable report with your website next steps and recommendations for improvement

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